Dream Bedroom

Poster beds always give me a princess feeling. I think this bedroom is so beautiful, it is pretty that the blinds have patterns. Even though poster beds can be kind of big I like how they create a bedroom in a room. 79ideas.org


Happy Lamp

I think this lamp would be a very good DIY project, it definitely adds something extra to a black or white lamp. hemnet.com


Perfect chair

I think this chair is the perfect chair, even better, it fits very well in small space apartments. Superleggera by Gio Ponti, you will find it at cassina.com


Wall as room divider

Walls don't have to reach all the way to the roof, I think this wall is a good example on how to create two rooms out of one without dividing them fully by a wall. cotemaison.fr


Small space sofa

I have been searching for a some months after a sofa like this, would save space and provide extra seating in a small kitchen or living room. desiretoinspire.net

Mini castle

My friend your bought this fantastic apartment. Thanks to the loft bed, foldable table, the wall monuted shelving and the white couloring it feels bigger than its 25 sqm. I think it is interesting how thin legs on furniture make you percieve them as smaller, (take a look at the wardrobe and the kitchen cabinet). hemnet.se